Chantey Talk

As the “Shanty-Tok” fad crested on Tik-Tok in 2021, I realized I could help folks who became interested in traditional sailor songs by sharing my arcane knowledge of sailing ship technology and sailors’ work, and how the two came together to foster the creation of chanteys. These sailor work songs were really just tools used to make the hard work easier and more efficient, and they are full of obscure terminology and references. Through my Chantey Talk YouTube channel I explain all the sailor terms, 19th-century slang, and geographical minutia of well-known chanteys.

Episode 1

Spanish Ladies

Learn all about this 300-year old song that began as a forebitter in the British Royal Navy, and then became a chantey in the early 1800s.

Episode 2

Santy Anno

A much-loved capstan chantey, which features some of the key players in the Mexican-American War of 1848, and a bunch of salty terminology.

Episode 3

Blow The Man Down

A deep dive into this classic long-haul halyard chantey to demystify the work it was used for on square-riggers.

Episode 4

The Saucy Arabella

An old pump chantey that lists all the sails found on a square-rigger; sing along as you learn the ropes.

Episode 5

Come Roll Me Over (Coming Soon)

A lively short-drag halyard chantey that names several jobs that old-time sailors had to do.